Animal Weighing System with Smartport

What is Smart Weighing?

Farming is now a truly data-driven enterprise. Informed decision making is the new driver of farm performance. The era of ‘best-guess’ has truly passed. Farming is now an exact science and the farmers best positioned to capitalise on new advancements in science and technology are those collecting and using data on their farms.

WeighRite offers the farmer a quick and easy way to monitor one of the most important performance indicators on the farm – the growth performance and health of the herd. Capitalising on the advancement in smartphone technology, we have built a system with the capability to offer features that other companies can not.

Offering complete integration with national databases such as ICBF, WeighRite downloads your herd data and uploads results directly and in the background, eliminating the paperwork involved.

The Complete system comes with Loadbars and a checkered plate weighing platform.

What you get

feature set

how it works


how WeighRite works

Live Results

Your herd or flock performance is at your fingertips. WeighRite generates actionable reports once the weighing session has been completed. You can review individual animal performance and daily weight gain. Ensure animals are on-target for finishing date and achieve ideal pre-breeding weight. All your results both current and historical are available for review on your GrasslandTools account.

Decision Support

Information is key to good management and profitability. WeighRite delivers high-quality data in real-time allowing you to make informed decisions on the spot. Using your herd profile data provided by AIMS / ICBF / Sheep Ireland, WeighRite can automatically allocate or draft any animal to a group based on DOB, weight, breed, body condition score, enterprise and breeding or finishing dates.

Operating Environment

WeighRite's rugged design is IP rated making it more than capable of dealing with the harsh farm environment. Backed up with ISO14001 manufacturing process, CE approval and two-year warranty - WeighRite is built to last.

WeighRite is powered from an internal rechargeable battery and will accept power from auxiliary sources.


WeighRite may be used across multiple enterprises on the farm. Weighing modes for dairy, beef, sheep, pigs or other livestock are catered for in the WeighRite App and GrasslandTools.


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