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Easy Grass Measuring with Auto Upload

Grasshopper is the most accurate grass cover measurement system available on the market today. The Grasshopper algorithm was developed and validated over a three year period by True North Technologies and at the Moorepark Grassland Research Station in Ireland.

Grasshopper is very easy to use. Grasshopper works on the principle of measuring the compressed sward height with millimeter accuracy. As you measure, you have full control over the moment the measure is taken – eliminating angular drop problems experienced with other methods.

Once your grass walk is complete, Grasshopper uploads all your data automatically to GrasslandTools and from there to third-party databases such as PastureBase Ireland, AgriNet and others.

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how the grasshopper works

Farm Mapping

An accurate farm map is the first decision support tool a farm needs. Critical to determining the quantity of grass on a farm, you need to know the productive area of the farm, that is, the area capable of growing grass. Grasshopper has a mapping feature you can use to accurately GPS map your entire farm and up to an additional four farms or blocks. Paddock layouts may change and can be re-mapped at any time with Grasshopper.

Grass Allocation

Accurate covers and the correct placement of strip-fencing in the paddock is required from time to time. Using the Allocation feature in the Grasshopper App, enter the number of animals and their daily allocation of grass. The App will show you where to place the strip fence based on the current paddock cover. Grasshopper will accurately indicate where to start and stop your strip fence.

In Real-Time

Real-time information on the paddock and the entire grazing platform is critical to your rotation planning as it can vary with paddock productivity over the season. Your grazing platform can be viewed on the phone in the form of a 'wedge' giving you instant information at any time. Wedge information can be shared across a number of work colleagues in real-time. Decision making may be shared, for example, with remote advisors.

Derogation Compliance

Farmers are required to conduct 20 grass measurements annually and upload the data to Pasture Base Ireland from February 2020. Grasshopper makes the job of compliance with these new rules easy. Collecting accurate grass data and uploading it to GrasslandTools or PBI automatically is necessary for compliance. A big benefit of your GrasslandTools account is the ability to print derogation reports.


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