True North Technologies

Innovation in Agriculture

Bringing award-winning innovation to European
agriculture over the past eight years.

Award Winning Farm Solutions

Our Grasshopper - grass management system - and our new addition WeighRite - animal weighing system - have won multiple awards for innovation at home and abroad.

Innovation Driven by Farmers' Needs

True North works with the leaders in agriculture in Ireland and Europe to design and develop innovative hardware and software solutions to meet your needs as a farmer or advisor.

Designed and Manufactured in Ireland

We are a design and development company based in Ireland and focused on delivering disruptive and innovative hardware and software products and solution addressing labour intensive farm tasks.

About Us

True North Technologies Innovation in Agriculture

True North Technologies is based in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland and was founded in 2012. We launched our first product – Grasshopper – in 2015. Since then, the company has expanded its product base with ground-breaking technologies that focus on delivering geo-tagged decision support and other solutions to the agricultural sector.

Our in-house skills include comprehensive software development capabilities which allow us to offer the latest in App design (Android & iOS) and online decision support tools.

Our GrasslandTools software management package offers the farmer a quick and easy way to manage grassland, animal growth, farm mapping and map printing through an intuitive browser based interface.

The Benefits of Innovation

True North Technologies are leaders in farming technology aimed at improving the economic, social and environmental sustainability of farms. Using our products will provide you with reliable, consistent and accurate data for your on-farm decision support processes.


Grasshopper is the most accurate grass management system available on the market today. Developed and validated over a three-year period by True North Technologies and the research team at Moorepark Grassland Research Centre in Ireland.


The WeighRite animal weighing system offers the farmer a quick and easy paperless way to monitor the growth performance of the herd and integrates seamlessly with ICBF. WeighRite offers the farmers rich data-driven management information.

Bespoke Solutions

Our solutions harness a number of standard and emerging technologies to produce reliable data feeding into the decision making process in modern farm management. Our team has expertise in the communications, sensing, positioning and software disciplines.

Product Design

We design and manufacture equipment for use in everyday farming applications. In addition, we contribute to ongoing projects across a number of research centers in Europe. True North offers design and development resources to third party companies.

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